Teshibori Yuzu / Hand Pressed Fresh Yuzu 300ml

Teshibori-Yuzu is hand squeezed yuzu (citrus) juice. Delivers a powerful burst of unique citrus flavour. A powerful punch of unique citrus flavour, combining lemon, grapefruit and mandarin.

Marusho uses local yuzu made in Kozagawa-cho, next to Nachikatsuura-cho.


Use sparingly in sauces, dressings, vinaigrettes, yoghurt and cream.


The salt used to naturally preserve this juice makes it unsuitable for cocktails. 


Ingredients : yuzu (citrus), salt (5%)


Refrigerate, once open use within 3 months.

Teshibori Yuzu / Hand Pressed Fresh Yuzu 300ml

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  • Bloody Mary

    Try something different from the traditional bloody Mary by seasoning with Black garlic salt, Tashibori yuzu, and White soy sauce.  Finish with Wasabi leaf and fresh-grated Wasabi for a modern twist on a classic with great depth of flavour.